Profesional objective


I desire to create visceral and moving images to say something true about humans and our relationships. My drawings and paintings purposefully deny the need to specify nationality, place or time, in an effort to remind us that we are one together, regardless of race, religion gender, age and cultural background. Using globally sourced imagery and juxtaposing them together to re-represent people, my work seeks to encourage unity across cultures. 

 As well as working specifically within the fine arts sector it is my personal aspiration to continue to expand my work within socially impacting artist residencies that educate and contribute to the growth of poor schools and communities. In doing this I hope to physically find a way to bridge social gaps through the arts. By teaching and facilitating creative workshops, leading community sessions and raising funds, awareness and materials through campaigning I believe communities can begin to thrive together on a more vibrant frequency.  Collaborating with other like-minded artists to deliver these projects, I believe we can use creativity to impact local change, educating and spreading powerful messages about the importance of creativity, leadership, relationships, health and personal growth.




To observe people living in their most natural capacities, encompassing both compilations of dizzying crowds as well as intimate connections reside at the forefront of my inspiration. Utilising photography and found photographs in this non-pre meditated way inspires my work. Capturing an initiation point, where materials and intuitive responses explore our human idiosyncrasies, no matter where we are in the world. These geographical observations seek to bridge gaps between our worldly, societal separations.

My work develops, intertwined with a diverse selection of secondary sources, including images from magazines, the internet, photography journals, newspapers and my own photographs. They operate to full fill the lacuna that lies between our social interactions. From a counter-intuitive position, one can argue that these ideas cannot fully be extended or understood by reproducing work inspired by one person, time or place. Using a diverse catalogue of imagestaking snippets of information from our shared and differentiating cultures, histories and present realities, I attempt to coalesce our human experiences to physically bridge social gaps, across cultural difference and time.