Art Courses Overview


2022-2023 Update 

Dear Returning and New Students, the studio will be closed for classes this year as I am out of Lisbon temporarily pursuing further education. Please still feel free to get in touch for online sessions. 

Thank you! Samantha 


I specialise in charcoal drawing, and mixed media painting in my practice and have studied contemporary art for seven years with an additional six years experience working as a freelance artist, so I am confident in my ability to help you achieve your creative goals. Whether you are just starting out, struggling with inspiration to carry your ideas through or wanting to get back in the game, I structure my courses with a personal touch so that it fits with your specific needs and interests.

What Will You Learn?

  • Open your mind to new possibilities and ideas that can compliment your interests and what you already know.

  • Explore various techniques to help you develop and grow your existing creative interests in new and more ambitious ways.

  • Move at your own pace with plenty of encouragement and patience.

  • Deeply explore your natural curiosities without restrictions of group dynamics.
  • Experience a combination of pre-recorded and individual coaching sessions so that even when we are not together, you are always learning.
  • Work in person at my studio or online - meaning there is no location restriction as to who can join these courses. Or if you usually attend sessions in person, but need to travel, we can meet online with the same intensity and creative focus so you never have to put your creative growth on hold.

Book now or contact me below to schedule a discovery call with me to learn more about my coaching programs.