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If you are an artist or art lover, you may have heard of the term, artist residency. These wonderful opportunities could change the trajectory of your art practice, support you in your career development or give you well needed time and space to finish an artistic project you have been working on for a while. The possibilities are endless both in terms of residency facilities to fit your creative practice as well as geographical setting. In this article I will outline what an artist residency is, some of their benefits and of course how to go about getting one! 

What is an artist residency? 

Artist residencies are in simple terms, periods of time and places where artists can travel and work on their artwork in a certain town, country or setting that would be beneficial to their practice. The project may equally be beneficial to the residency programme itself by nature of the work the artist is creating. Below are some concrete examples of three different types of residencies with different locations and purposes. 

1 - Svalbard - The Arctic Circle 

This residency supports artists by providing basic food and stay amenities while granting artists time and space to sail around the arctic circle particularly interesting for painters, videographers for photographers looking to explore issues of climate change. 


Svalbard Arctic Circle
Arctic Circle Artist Residency 

2 - Zorba the Buddha - India 

An artist particularly interested in spirituality and Indian culture could embark on an artist residency program such as; Zorba the Buddha in New Delhi below, where the artist has access to a studio, daily meditations and spiritual festivals and retreats throughout their stay to inform their practice. New Delhi, 

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artist residency studio

Duplex artist room and studio - Zorba the Buddha, New Delhi.

Zorba the Buddha grounds, New Delhi.

3 - Tafaria Castle - Kenya 

A residency here in rural Kenya is completely funded (except for air fare) covering an artist's local travel, food, living costs and materials stipend to support the artist in creating a project that will directly benefit the local rural community of Laikipia. An artist could help the local school children by offering arts education and materials or the local families teapot painting workshops to exchange local and international knowledge whilst sharing a cup of tea. 

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Tafaria castle Kenya  

Tafaria Castle grounds, Laikipia, Kenya. 

Me at Tafaria Castle, Kenya with a local school boy (2017)

Top 5 Reasons to do an Artist Residency?

1)  It can give you continued support & time to make art after graduation or grant you well needed time to create work away from the pressures of everyday life. 

2) A residency may be able to connect you with valuable connections and future exhibition opportunities through invited guests and members of the public to view a closing exhibition or open studio days. 

3) You may be exposed to a different culture or other artists from all over the world than could have a great impact on your practice, ideas or even create life-long friendships! 

4) You can travel to many new cities and countries around the world to make art!

5) They look fantastic on your CV no matter what you are applying to! 

How Do I Apply For An Artist Residency? 

Below I have included a list of resources that will help you narrow down your search in finding the perfect artist residency for you. These sites include portals to search for residencies globally as well as by continent. You will be able to filter opportunities by country and city, purpose of your project and funding opportunities. 
Every residency has a different criteria for applying but they usually ask for an artist statement and resume, a visual portfolio and statement of intent for the project and how it would benefit you and your practice.  


Global Artist Residencies

Res Artis


Residencies Unlimited 

United States 

The Artling USA


Artist Residencies in Europe 

The Artling EU


Res Artis Asia 

Need More Help? 

I really hope the above information was helpful but if you would like further guidance on preparing an artist residency application do not hesitate to contact me. 
Thanks for reading! 

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