Artist Studios in (Lisbon/PT)

1. LX Factory  

Lx Factory Lisbon










 Maybe I am biased to list this at No 1 - and while I'm not listing these spaces in any particular order - LX Factory happens to be where my studio is in Lisbon, and personally comes out on top as far as studios go in the capital.

Not only is the building super cool, filled with a wide range of creative businesses, from artists, jewellers, crafts people, baby clothing, an origami workshop, bespoke light fittings, a record store and even surf and skateboard makers! And that's just some of the spaces on the first floor! This kind of diversity naturally brings together a selection of interesting and friendly people. One of my favourite things about working in LX Factory is the sense of community. I literally can walk across the hall, to share a coffee with my neighbour, borrow a camera if I have problems with mine (which I did) or even borrow veterinary tips from fellow painters a few doors down (we're all dog lovers in here!) there's a sense that you're part of a bigger bunch of people trying to create things in the city. 

If you need a break you can step outside in 10 seconds and take your pick of cafes and restaurants to relax or even step just outside the complex to many other local cafes (that tend to be slightly cheaper) that the ones inside the complex or if you just want to escape some of the bussle, as LX Factory can become crowded during peak eating hours, the weekend and of course during the summer months! 

The building has four floors, so aside from the first floor that I just described there are many other businesses that call LX home. A few include, boutique body creams and soaps, wedding planners, architects, a yoga studio and a music school.

Another cool thing about working at LX Factory is you have natural foot of locals and tourists which means free marketing for your store/studio or work. Visitors often meander the corridors looking for souvenirs to take home with them or a creative workshop to try - there is good mix for everyone to enjoy both artists and art enthusiasts!  

LX Factory is easy to find and accessible from any part of the city. Located in Alcantara neighbourhood.


2. PADA 

Artist Residency Lisbon










Perhaps the creme de la creme of artistic residencies in Lisbon. PADA hosts some seriously talented artists and due to its huge clean space is perfect for presenting art in a highly sophisticated way. The photographs of the exhibitions themselves really sell this space. 

So while it may not be the place for a consistent work base it could be a fantastic doorway into creating near Lisbon. PADA sits on the other side of the river to Lisbon in Barreiro district. Another reason why it has the capacity to house such exhibitions because of the large converted buildings it houses. 

3. Azan

Art studio













AZAN is currently based at Tomaz Hipólito Studio, Marvila, Lisbon. A rebuilt warehouse in a growing area with many contemporary art galleries and artist’s studios, proximate to a vibrant network of independent art spaces, music venues and other cultural incubators. Here we have long-term private studio spaces for artists, architects and others.

AZAN residency program aims to welcome artists and introduce them to the Lisbon art scene with the feeling of a shared studio where artists can collaborate, share ideas and develop their work and research. Dialogue and experimentation are encouraged and projects related to the studio and its surroundings are welcomed. The key is to bring artists into a cultural context different from their own, in which they can thrive on cultural and social discourse and explore their own work, giving artists the opportunity to present their work and research.

There are two formats to the residency program: 
living studio (lodging and studio space) that can only accommodate one person at a time
studio (no accommodation, only studio space)
Both residencies work by invitation or spontaneous application, subject to approval and availability.

Our in-house team will provide support the resident with information regarding the local services, openings, art events and suppliers. Residents are encouraged to explore the city autonomously and understand its dynamic throughout the stay. 

AZAN will also consider resident artists to participate in its public program, considered in a case-by-case basis, such as talks, open days and workshops.

For more information about our residency programs, and how to apply, download our full Residency Program below.


4. Zaratan 

Artist residency Lisbon

Zaratan – Arte Contemporânea works as a structure for the creation, production and dissemination of contemporary art in Portugal and is located in the center of Lisbon. It opens its doors in November 2014, legally constituted by artists as a non-profit Cultural Association, in order to promote new ways of interacting with artists and non-artists beyond institutional channels. In order to stimulate creativity and generate valid cultural processes, Zaratan develops a heterogeneous and mostly free program of events, which, in addition to the exhibition agenda, presents video-projections, concerts, presentations, workshops and performances. Zaratan advocates interdisciplinarity and intends to promote a deeper understanding of present and independent artistic languages.


HANGAR is an Artistic Research Center located in Graça, Lisbon. HANGAR includes an exhibition center, artistic and curatorial residencies and artists' studios . It will also be a center for training, conferences and conversations.

Based on the concept of unifying some geographies, cultures and identities, HANGAR seeks to organize and produce the development of transdisciplinary artistic projects in the field of Visual Arts, integrating public presentations and looking at urban Lisbon as a focus of intervention.

HANGAR is an independent space managed by artists and curators. It is a place for experimentation, research and reflection on artistic practices. This space is a point of convergence of different areas and contemporary artistic processes. HANGAR aims to be a catalyst for experiences in the connection between artists, researchers and other artistic initiatives. It also aims to encourage the discussion of emerging contemporary art, stimulating the development of artistic and theoretical practices motivated by an experimental and shared experience.

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  • Hi Samantha. I came across your site while searching for an artist studio in Lisbon. Some of the places you described didn’t have a link….. I am a painter, and I am looking for a place to live/work for 2-3 months this summer to escape the blazing heat of the Arizona summer. I am fairly flexible on dates, and rental rates, but looking for good light to create a new body of work. Do you happen to know of any studios that might be available to rent for a couple of months?? I have not yet been to Lisbon, and would love to make that me next project. Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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