Kenya II

(June 1st - July 31st 2017)

2nd residency at Tafaria Castle, Kenya - with Chittaranjan Nayak.

Colour the Community


Kenya I

(September 1st - November 14th 2016)

C-hub Foundation, Tafaria Castle,Kenya



(April 1st - May 15th 2016)

Zorba the Buddha, Creativity, Consciousness and Celebration




(Feb 1st - Feb 29th 2016)

 Jiwar, International Residence for artists and researchers in Urban creativity


Jiwar's objective is inspired from the Mediterranean tradition of Jiwar, an arab word which literally means neighbourhood, referring to the art of establishing a creative and sustainable relationship between neighbours in a district. It evokes a philosophy of life that consists of neighbouring values and bridging experiences. The residency is situated in the Gracia district, which is well known for its active, social and political life; hosting a rich and diverse cultural, ambience, it is perfect for documenting the local and vibrant surroundings. Which furthermore adheres to Jiwar's objective of promoting inter-cultural and interdisciplinary exchange in the district as well as the city of Barcelona. 

My work's intention to bridge social gaps was heavily drawn to Jiwar's focus on exploring the role of creativity in bringing the neighbourhood together. My time here was spent developing a project entitled 'Awakening Hearts' to document cultural connections in efforts to bridge social gaps throughout this Historical city.

Full project details of Jiwar's fundraiser below:


(October/November 2015)

RSA John Kinross Scholarship

This city is unlike any other I have had the privilege to spend time in, and as such, experienced some what of a love affair. Having spent a large portion of my upbringing in Portugal I had already been fully integrated into the slower paced way of living that many European cities boast, with their hearty food and unconditional hospitality. Not surprisingly, Italy, swiftly took me under her beautiful wing. I felt at home amidst the lively café culture, meandering through ready-made influxes of local and touristic life. With her breathtaking public squares, bustling markets, mouth watering menus, magnificent churches and an abundance of awe-inspiring art forms; Florence, for me, as for many others presents an intriguing comparison between past and present under one, enormously influential umbrella.