Combining Meaningful Creative Work and Making a Living

The Predicament of Combining Meaningful Creative Work and Making a Living (Daily Rituals, by Mason Currey).


The combination of how to successfully combine meaningful creative work and make a living. It's a predicament. This conversation I have shared with countless people. Not limited to; friends, family members, teachers, artists, writers, musicians, entrepreneurs, business Owners and to what end? "No blue print" seems to be the definitive answer. Which I can believe but it does not satisfy my itch to know more. It is not that as a creator I want the journey of my pursuits to be given or spelled out to me, however some hearty advice to take note from is always appreciated.

So, I have begun to seek out and share some of the advice or solutions of some of the most successful artists out there today, whom have managed to create and design a lifestyle that successfully solves this occupational predicament. They have ever so kindly shared with us their wisdom. The purpose of this is not to say that the individual that manages to harness creativity and financial security in one tangible lifestyle has struck gold but much rather how and if they have found happiness in their pursuits. Work and financial satisfaction is, in our western world, our biggest 1st world problem. These stories; I hope will shine some light on your own creative, lifestyle journey.

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My takeaways has a unique ability to impact our emotions and change our worldview. entered my soul, appealed to my heart, and made new ideas plausible. Art changed me.

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