Awakening Hearts

Why Travel is important to Awaken Our Hearts


"Anatomically functioning, beating hearts among drawings and sounds..."


An idea inspired while travelling on a metro in Rome...

Crammed to the doors, people are shuffling around awkwardly - not knowing whether to direct their attention towards the window, floor or ceiling. Avoiding eye contact and awaiting the journey to end so they can scurry on to continue their day separate from everyone around them.

Here and throughout the city, frustrations can be noticed, between tourists and staff. People are impatient and short tempered. It would appear that no attention is brought to the moment, the other person or themselves. 

Tavel is so important because it situates one in locations to witness the way people are in the face of each other, globally. We cannot expect to make a difference in the world, if we do not see outside our immediate bubble, including that of our physical body and mind.  Set outside into the world and see for yourself, the making and function of our planet in order to better understand where you stand within it.

Questions to be asked when contemplating how creativity can affect change in the world;


- What value can be added? - 

- What can be illuminated to others for their benefit? - 

- How can compassion be cultivated? -


To be most valuable, art should move beyond the purely aesthetic and seek to educate others about the world we live in. This work asks one to consider, the person standing next to you. Their heart is beating for the same reason yours does. Outside of your body, but humming to the same tune, within the ebb and flow of life.

Rather than depicting the famous or well-known political figures one chooses to focus on everyone else...


Are we significant? 

Do you matter?

Are you important?

Do you belong in this world?

Does your life have meaning?


Of course it does...


The you, and the 6.999 999 999 billion other people in the world arrived on this planet in the same way (including the famous) and thus makes important to document the so called ordinary. To see people everywhere, in everyday life, living alone and together.