The Travelling Artist

Ditch the Hierarchy...


Each documentation has a story but not necessarily an intended destination - source material is chosen and collected in response to a composition, a feeling or a human connection that is allured. Whatever it may be, it begins with honesty. The stories and experiences we carry with us, our views of life and the language share between one another, both spoken and physical will forever be enough to draw my inspiration. 

Setting out to generate art work, developing and growing from each country in the world I visit. This is the life...that I want.  Making passive income online through publishing, art auctions, combined with showing and selling artwork and helping others to follow their passions. The studio, the internet, social media platforms and my camera are my tools. Sharing original master level art that is wholeheartedly made in response to the world and people I meet around me.

New places bring new inspiration because when we are travelling we are excited. Our inner beings shine their liveliest selves, as we are curious again - to the new places and faces that surround us. In each new place, I love seeing the people, the way they live, the way they communicate, the food, the colors, the smells. Everything is different and living this way, you are truly able to experience those differences first hand.  Later on, I aspire to take these experiences and art into  residency's, having braved a different career style.

One of the biggest things I have learnt is that I am so grateful to have left behind me the hierarchy of the art world that I for so long felt like I needed to climb. 

Following a sequential line is not the inspirational beacon I hope to create for you or myself. An industry,full of competition and snobbery (you may not see it like this) but I for one felt quite suffocated by the workplace that lay ahead of me. And I can tell you right now - out here…I feel none of that. And by out here…I mean the world. The real world, outside of the bubble we are so accustomed to calling home. The one that leaves behind rules and limitations, that limit our dreams and passions and most creative selves. This life, is not one that avoids responsibility, that many of your loved ones will try to argue, but rather becomes your responsibility to fulfill your life in a way that the majority are too scared, and then report back to them. Help them see the bigger picture that exists, beyond the norm. 

I feel grateful to be enlightened. Additionally, it is so amazing to share it with you. To be truly honest and as a result be inspiring others to do the same. To hear people saying, wow you’re so right or I wish I could do that - it fuels my incentive even more to say YOU CAN! Get out here and live it for yourself!  This is your ONE LIFE - better make it worth while my lovely people!